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  Andrew Senetar b30d67b834
Merge pull request #775 from glubsy/PR_typo_fix 3 weeks ago
  glubsy 3e6e74e2a9 Update URL 3 weeks ago
  glubsy b919b3ddc8 Fix typo 3 weeks ago
  glubsy be3862fa8f fix typo 3 weeks ago
  glubsy da09920553 Update exclusion filter help string 3 weeks ago
  glubsy 2baba3bfa0 Fix selection label 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Senetar a659a70dbe
Add transifex project link to readme 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Senetar c9e48a5e3b
Update pyrcc5 note with new information 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 68711162d1
Add note about pyrcc5 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 0b0fd36629
Revert "Update ReadMe and requirements" 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar bf5d151799
Update ReadMe and requirements 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar e29a427caf
Update translation files 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 95ccbad92b
Fix #760, issue with language on windows 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 421a58a61c
Merge pull request #758 from serg-z/serg-z/prioritize-dialog-multi-selections 1 month ago
  Sergey Zhuravlevich b5a3313f80 Prioritize dialog: fix drag-n-drop putting items before the last item 1 month ago
  Sergey Zhuravlevich 116ac18e13 Prioritize dialog: add/remove criteria on double clicking an item 1 month ago
  Sergey Zhuravlevich 32dcd90b50 Prioritize dialog: allow removing multiple prioritizations at once 1 month ago
  Sergey Zhuravlevich c2fef8d624 Prioritize dialog: allow adding multiple criteria at once 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar fd0adc77b3
Update Readme notes for system setup 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 6a03e1e399
Update URLs 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar ae51842007
Update README.md 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar ab6acd9e88
Merge pull request #733 from glubsy/dev 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 6a2c1eb293
Fix flake8 issues introduced in package.py 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 7b4c31d262
Update for macos Qt version 1 month ago
  glubsy 5553414205 Fix updating QTableView on input 1 month ago
  glubsy b138dfad33 Fix exception when testing invalid regex 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 701e6d4bb2
Merge pull request #755 from glubsy/packaging 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar b44d1652b6
Change windows to use ini in AppData 1 month ago
  glubsy 990eaaa797 Update requirements.txt 1 month ago
  glubsy 348ce95f83 Remove comment 1 month ago
  glubsy 3255bdf0a2 Fix incorrect path 1 month ago
  glubsy 1058247b44 Fix missing application icon 1 month ago
  glubsy 7414f82e28 Fix missing directory for pixmap symlink in Debian 1 month ago
  glubsy 8105bb709f Fix debian src package build 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar ec628751af
Minor cleanup to Windows.md 1 month ago
  glubsy 288023d03e Update changelog 1 month ago
  glubsy 7740dfca0e Update Readme 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 1e12ad8d4c
Clean up Makefile & unused files 1 month ago
  glubsy c1d94d6771 Merge branch 'master' into dev 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 7f691d3c31
Merge pull request #705 from glubsy/exclude_list 1 month ago
  glubsy a93bd3aeee Add missing translation hooks 1 month ago
  glubsy 39d353d073 Add comment about Win7 bug 1 month ago
  glubsy b76e86686a Tweak green color on exclude table 1 month ago
  glubsy b5f59d27c9 Brighten up validation color 1 month ago
  glubsy f0d3dec517 Fix exclude tests 1 month ago
  glubsy 90c7c067b7 Merge branch 'master' into exclude_list 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar c8cfa954d5
Minor packaging cleanups 1 month ago
  glubsy e533a396fb Remove redundant check 1 month ago
  glubsy 4b4cc04e87 Fix directories tests on Windows 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar e822a67b38
Force correct python environment for tox on windows 1 month ago