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@@ -45,11 +45,15 @@ For macos instructions (qt version) see the [macOS Instructions](macos.md).
### System Setup
When running in a linux based environment the following system packages or equivalents are needed to build:
* python3-pyqt5
* pyqt5-dev-tools (on some systems, see note)
* python3-wheel (for hsaudiotag3k)
* python3-venv (only if using a virtual environment)
* python3-dev
* build-essential

Note: On some linux systems pyrcc5 is not put on the path when installing python3-pyqt5, this will cause some issues with the resource files (and icons). These systems should have a respective pyqt5-dev-tools package, which should also be installed. The presence of pyrcc5 can be checked with `which pyrcc5`. Debian based systems need the extra package, and Arch does not.

To create packages the following are also needed:
* python3-setuptools
* debhelper