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Mickaël Schoentgen 436686bf0f Windows legacy: fix handling of UNC names
The legacy implementation was not handling UNC names properly:

  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 6, in <module>
    File "\...\", line 79, in send2trash
      paths = [get_short_path_name(path) for path in paths]
    File "\...\", line 79, in <listcomp>
      paths = [get_short_path_name(path) for path in paths]
    File "\...\", line 62, in get_short_path_name
      raise WindowsError(err_no, FormatError(err_no), long_name[4:])
  OSError: [Errno 123] La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.: '\\\\SERVER\\folder\\file.txt'
2021-05-26 17:22:26 +02:00
Andrew Senetar f9fcdb8d8c
Fix legacy windows platform for multibyte unicode
- Add handling to create correctly sized buffer even with multibyte
characters as len() in python does not line up with what
create_unicode_buffer() needs for length.
- Add test for single and multiple files
2021-03-10 21:41:30 -06:00
Andrew Senetar d078554052
Windows Performance Improvement & Multi-Item support (#43)
* Initial IFileOperation for Windows

- Try using IFileOperation instead of SHFileOperation
  - Use pywin32 to accomplish this
  - Implement fallback when pywin32 not available
- Handles paths like `C:\` just fine bu the `\\?\` paths in the test
  cause issue
- Add batching for IFileOperation version (performance)
- Minor formatting applied by editor

* Fix issue with paths starting with \\?\

- Strip these characters off if present just like old implementation

* Add windows version check, legacy list support

- Add check for windows version for IFileOperation
- Add list support to legacy version
- Remove some debugging code
- Fix bug in path converson

Not sure if there is a better way to layout this file

* Split plat_win into legacy and modern

* Update other platforms for list support

Formatter also ran on these so some other minor changes.

* Add unit tests for multi-file calls
2020-06-03 12:49:41 -04:00