Fix legacy windows platform for multibyte unicode

- Add handling to create correctly sized buffer even with multibyte
characters as len() in python does not line up with what
create_unicode_buffer() needs for length.
- Add test for single and multiple files
Andrew Senetar 3 years ago
parent af0c1ba704
commit f9fcdb8d8c
Signed by: arsenetar
GPG Key ID: C63300DCE48AB2F1

@ -77,8 +77,6 @@ def send2trash(paths):
paths = [op.abspath(path) if not op.isabs(path) else path for path in paths]
# get short path to handle path length issues
paths = [get_short_path_name(path) for path in paths]
# convert to a single string of null terminated paths
paths = "\0".join(paths)
fileop.hwnd = 0
fileop.wFunc = FO_DELETE
@ -93,7 +91,15 @@ def send2trash(paths):
# NOTE: based on how python allocates memory for these types they should
# always be zero, if this is ever not true we can go back to explicitly
# setting the last two characters to null using buffer[index] = '\0'.
buffer = create_unicode_buffer(paths, len(paths) + 2)
# Additional note on another issue here, unicode_buffer expects length in
# bytes essentially, so having multi-byte characters causes issues if just
# passing pythons string length. Instead of dealing with this difference we
# just create a buffer then a new one with an extra null. Since the non-length
# specified version apparently stops after the first null, join with a space first.
buffer = create_unicode_buffer(" ".join(paths))
# convert to a single string of null terminated paths
path_string = "\0".join(paths)
buffer = create_unicode_buffer(path_string, len(buffer) + 1)
fileop.pFrom = LPCWSTR(addressof(buffer))
fileop.pTo = None

@ -66,6 +66,17 @@ def _file_not_found(dir, fcn):
pytest.raises(OSError, fcn, file)
def _multi_byte_unicode(dir, fcn):
file = op.join(dir, "😇.txt")
assert op.exists(file) is False
files = [op.join(dir, "😇{}.txt".format(index)) for index in range(10)]
[_create_tree(file) for file in files]
assert any([op.exists(file) for file in files]) is False
def test_trash_folder(testdir):
_trash_folder(testdir, s2t)
@ -98,6 +109,10 @@ def test_file_not_found_modern(testdir):
_file_not_found(testdir, s2t_modern)
def test_multi_byte_unicode_modern(testdir):
_multi_byte_unicode(testdir, s2t_modern)
def test_trash_folder_legacy(testdir):
_trash_folder(testdir, s2t_legacy)
@ -114,6 +129,10 @@ def test_file_not_found_legacy(testdir):
_file_not_found(testdir, s2t_legacy)
def test_multi_byte_unicode_legacy(testdir):
_multi_byte_unicode(testdir, s2t_legacy)
# Long path tests
def longdir(tmp_path):