18 Commits (master)

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  Andrew Senetar 10c7693d11
Minor fixes to tests 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 356509120b
Add some checks to catch test failure 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar f9fcdb8d8c
Fix legacy windows platform for multibyte unicode 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar af0c1ba704
More test fixes 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar 9f76fbf036
Updates for tests on windows 1 month ago
  Andrew Senetar dbdcce8b04
First batch of updates to unit tests 1 month ago
  Julian Gilbey 741c7ad51f Only import Windows-specific modules when on Windows 2 months ago
  Andrew Senetar 6ac20bc4f6
Fix new issues with unit tests 10 months ago
  Andrew Senetar e3d2be3243
Update windows tests to test both versions 10 months ago
  Andrew Senetar d078554052
Windows Performance Improvement & Multi-Item support (#43) 10 months ago
  Matthew D. Scholefield 9ede898c3e
Create __main__.py (Fixes #15) (#38) 10 months ago
  sharkykh 66afce7252 Fix silently failing on Windows (#33) 2 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 74352462f5 Fix broken tests on py2 2 years ago
  Mickaël Schoentgen 020d05979d Windows: Workaround for long paths (#23) 3 years ago
  Virgil Dupras f38aec6569 Reindent test_plat_other 3 years ago
  Virgil Dupras f324ff491e Properly reuse the "compat" unit 3 years ago
  Virgil Dupras b7e3057853 Fix tests, add tox.ini and travis.yml 3 years ago