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Beta Quality Pre-v0.1.0

Pelican-red is a pelican theme designed to be readable on every device. It is a responsive layout which utilizes the Foundation 4 framework. The theme was originally created for the blog VoltaicIdeas and has a few additional features in addition to the original design to make it more useful. Pelican-red is Licensed under the MIT-License.


The following is a list of features:

  • Responsive design view-able on mobile down to about 230px wide
  • Top-bar w/drop-down navigation & social links
    • Social links with Icons from Entypo by Daniel Bruce or Zocial by Sam Collins; currently supported ( icon font pack in parenthesis ):
      • Blogger ( Zocial )
      • Dribbble ( Entypo )
      • Facebook ( Entypo )
      • Flickr ( Entypo )
      • Github ( Entypo )
      • GrooveShark ( Zocial )
      • Google+ ( Entypo )
      • Instagram ( Entypo )
      • Lastfm ( Entypo )
      • LinkedIn ( Entypo )
      • Picasa ( Entypo )
      • Pinterest ( Entypo )
      • Rdio ( Entypo )
      • Reddit ( Zocial )
      • Skype ( Entypo )
      • SoundCloud ( Entypo )
      • Steam ( Zocial )
      • StumbleUpon ( Entypo )
      • Tumblr ( Entypo )
      • Twitter ( Entypo )
      • Vimeo ( Entypo )
      • YouTube ( Zocial )
  • Style-sheets built using sass & compass
  • zeptos.js used instead of jQuery when possible
  • Javascript files loaded via yepnope.js (part of modernizr) from CDN jsDelivr with local fallback
  • Analytics via Google Analytics ( new version ) or GoSquared
  • Disqus comments support (TODO FINISH)
  • PDF link support
  • pygments code highlighting with responsive layout
  • Site Icons for Creative Commons Licenses, VCards, Tags, PDF download, Search, and Translation selection using Entypo by Daniel Bruce
  • Google Custom Search Support
  • Open Sans used for style font
  • Source Code Pro used for code blocks
  • Supports the following pelican-plugins (plus others):
    • multi_part
    • neighbors


To install pelican-red first either clone the repository or download the zip of the current version to a destination of your choice ( ~/pelican-red used in example ):

git clone ~/pelican-red


mv pelican-red-master ~/pelican-red

The theme can then either be used by installing the theme or just by pointing to it.

Option 1 - Install

Using pelican-themes (~/pelican-red is path to the theme used in previous example):

pelican-themes --install ~/pelican-red

Then change the theme in the Pelican settings file for the site you want to use pelican-red:

THEME = "pelican-red"

Option 2 - Just Point to It

Edit your Pelican settings file for the site you want to use pelican-red (~/pelican-red is path to the theme used in previous example):

THEME = "~/pelican-red"


In addition the to general Pelican configuration variables pelican-red supports a few additional settings. All the variables are set in your Pelican settings file for the site you are using pelican-red with.

Variables are listed as variable : description


  • SITE_DESCR: Description of site used for meta if you want
  • SITE_KEY: Keywords for meta ex. "keyword1, keyword2, keyword3"
  • FAVICON: Path to favicon ex. images/favicon
  • COPYRIGHTS: Copyright dictionary ['Abbreviation': ('name','url')]
    • using cc, cc-nc, etc will generate iconified copyright links
  • DEFAULT_COPYRIGHT : Default copyright to use is an abbreviation key from the COPYRIGHTS dictionary
  • COPYRIGHT_ARTICLE : Show default copyright on articles (over-ridable with article value)
  • COPYRIGHT_PAGE : Show default copyright on pages (over-ridable with page value)


  • MENUITEMS: Custom Links to place in the menu e. (('Item', 'Link'))
  • DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU: Show pages on the menu; has three options False - do not display, Compact - display as dropdown with 'Pages' Heading, and Expanded - display each as a seperate top level item.
  • DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_ON_MENU : Show the categories on the menu; has same options False - do not display, Compact - display as dropdown with 'Categories' Heading, and Expanded - display each as a seperate top level item.


  • INCLUDE_TAGS_LINK : True / False Include link to tags page on sidebar.
  • INCLUDE_CATS_LINK : True / False Include link to categories page on sidebar.
  • INCLUDE_ARCH_LINK : True / False Include link to archives page on sidebar.
  • INCLUDE_AUTH_LINK : True / False Include link to authors page on sidebar.


  • SOCIAL: List of the social links and urls ex. (('Network','url'),), supported w/icon listed below:
    • Blogger : ('blogger','')
    • Dribbble : ('dribble','')
    • Facebook : ('facebook','')
    • Flickr : ('flickr','')
    • Github : ('github','')
    • GrooveShark : ('grooveshark','')
    • Google+ : ('gplus','')
    • Instagram : ('instagram','')
    • Lastfm : ('lasstfm','')
    • LinkedIn : ('linkedin','')
    • Picasa : ('picasa','http://')
    • Pinterest : ('pinterest','')
    • Rdio : ('rdio','')
    • Reddit : ('reddit','')
    • Skype : ('skype','skype:username?chat')
    • SoundCloud : ('soudcloud','')
    • Steam : ('steam','')
    • StumbleUpon : ('stumbleupon','')
    • Tumblr : ('tumblr','')
    • Twitter : ('twitter','')
    • Vimeo : ('vimeo','')
    • YouTube : ('youtube','')

Index Page

  • ARTICLES_ON_INDEX : number of recent articles to show
  • PAGES_ON_INDEX : True / False

Comments ( Disqus )

  • DISQUS_SN: Disqus Shortname of site ( VoltaicIdeas )
  • COMMENTS_PAGE: Include Comments on pages set True/False
  • COMMENTS_ARTICLE: Include Comments on articles set True/False

Authors ( vcards )

  • AUTHORS : a dictionary of authors
    • vcard : a tuple of tuples of author vcard values support includes (not limited though ):
      • fn : Full Name
      • email :
      • photo : url to an image about 150px
      • title : Awesome Person, Blog Writer, etc
      • org : some company
      • notes : this can be a bio / anything really
    • social : (('network','link'),) same as SITE_SOCIAL parameters

Analytics ( Google Analytics and GoSquared )

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS: Google Analytics Code and Domain ex. ( UA-xxxxxxxx-x' , '' )
  • GO_SQUARED: GoSquared Code ex. 'GSN-xxxxxx-x'
  • GOOGLE_SEARCH: set to the unique search id number "var cx = 'this value' "

Per Article / Page Variables

In addition to the additional configuration variables the theme supports the following variables in articles / pages.

  • comments: show comments True/False overrides the site comments setting
  • copyright: copyright to display at bottom of page / article overrides the site DEFAULT_COPYRIGHT value
  • modified : a modified time
  • image : a cover image for the article also used as icon in listings path relative to static directory


A live preview of the theme can be seen on the blog VoltaicIdeas as well as the gh-pages for pelican-red at

Previews of the site main page are shown below as desktop and mobile.

Desktop Preview


Mobile Preview



  • Allow for multilevel MENUITEMS
  • Translations support (pages and articles)

Change-log ( Major Details )

  • v0.1.0 First Release