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Pelican-red is a pelican theme originally created for my blog rangerTBC. I have added some additional features to what I required and am releasing it for anyone to use. The theme is responsive using the Foundation 4 framework as a base.

Features ( EDIT THIS )

The following is a list of features:

  • Responsive design viewable on mobile down to 380px wide without issue (article date issue atm)
  • Fixed top-bar w/drop-down navigation & social links
    • Social links supported
      • Google+
      • Github
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • more...
    • Hidden drop-down navigation
      • accessed on hovering site name / menu icon
      • fixed to 100% browser window height
      • scroll-able?
      • mobile version via swipe?
  • Style-sheets built using sass & compass
  • zeptos.js used instead of jQuery when possible
  • Analytics via Google Analytics or GoSquared
  • Disqus comments support
  • pygments code highlighting
  • more...


To install pelican-red first either clone the repository or download the zip of the current version to a destination of your choice (~/pelican-red used in example):

git clone https:// ~/pelican-red


download zip url thingy

The theme can then either be used by installing the theme or just by pointing to it.

Option 1 - Install

Using pelican-themes (~/pelican-red is path to the theme used in previous example):

pelican-themes --install ~/pelican-red

Then change the theme in the Pelican settings file for the site you want to use pelican-red:

THEME = "pelican-red"

Option 2 - Just Point to It

Edit your Pelican settings file for the site you want to use pelican-red (~/pelican-red is path to the theme used in previous example):

THEME = "~/pelican-red"


In addition the to general Pelican configuration variables pelican-red supports a few additional settings. All the variables are set in your Pelican settings file for the site you are using pelican-red with.

Variables are listed as variable : description


  • SITE_DESCR: Description of site used for meta if you want
  • SITE_KEY: Keywords for meta ex. "keyword1, keyword2, keyword3"


  • TODO

Comments ( Disqus )

  • DISQUS_SN: Disqus Shortname of site ( rangertbc )

Analytics ( Google Analytics and GoSquared )

  • GA_CODE: Google Analytics Code ( UA-xxxxxxxx-x )
  • GA_DOMAIN: Google Analytics Domain for use across sub-domains of a top level domain ( rangertbc.net )
  • GA_LINKER: Google Analytics multiple top level domains set to True if wanted ( rangertbc.net, rangertbc.com, etc )
  • GS_CODE: GoSquared Code ( GSN-xxxxxx-x )

Per Post / Page Variables

In addition to the additional configuration variables the theme supports the following variables in posts / pages.

  • TODO


A live preview of the theme can be seen on my blog rangerTBC.

Previews of the site main page are shown below as desktop and mobile.

Desktop Preview


Mobile Preview


Change-log ( Major Only)

  • 0.1.0 First Release