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Andrew Senetar f5431e30a0 Fix typos in templates, regenerate css 10 years ago
Andrew Senetar eca067ae67 Update templates
Update the templates to remove the excessive itemprop tags as it really
is not a good idea.  Cleanup a few minor things.
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar ff3c58c45b Finalize javascript and stylsheet for issue #4
Adjust javascript image size to always be less than max container width.
Stylesheets are not built in compressed mode by default.
Stylesheet changes are mainly to incorperate styles for new elements.
Stying of the list elements uses a slightly lighter gradient.
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar b7efae362c Initial release version of templates
The templates in this commit are now in RC form.
Everything but the article templates are ready.

Changes include ( no limited to ):
- Update stylesheet
- Add method in app.js to handle images in documents
- Create _author_item.html to display author information and vcard
- Update _disqus.html to fit in with site style
- Update _page_footer.html for translation support
- Add _pagination.html for pagination support
- Add _translations.html for translation listing support
- Minor updates to archives.html, tags.html
- Update base.html to have more flexibility
- Update authors.html and author.html to display information
- Update category.html and categories.html to use the _list_item.html
- Update page translation support + misc
- Update tag.html to use _list_item.html
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar b5bdbaf332 Update styles for new components and add code highlighting container styles
Container styles needed a javascript hack as of now since a block style
element is needed for overflow to work correctly.  app.js adds a div
wrapper around the highlighed code (with line numbers) to allow overflow
to work correctly.
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar 725cb8893f Update stylesheet and templates
Stylesheets update includes:
- Changing pygments class to default .codehilite
- Introduction of styles for new template components
- changing to a 16 column layout ( might revert back to 12 )
- reducing column gutter
Template work includes:
- removing extra ul from site_social
- adding creative commons handling to page_footer
- creating tags to display all tags with article counts
- adding the blogroll to base in aside
- starting work on tag
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar 8edc544e36 Update javascript to use custom zepto from Foundation
Foundation uses a custom version of zepto so we need to use it.
Also update to latest foundation version.
10 years ago
Andrew Senetar b03fd560b6 Update app stylesheet, remove hardcoded favicon
New version of stylesheets now with pygments styles.  Favicon now uses
FAVICON configuration parameter to set path.
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar d42e24c57f Update javacript to use minified source files loading via yepnopejs
Vendor javascript files are now minified versions. The javacript files are
loaded via yepnopejs (Modernizr.load) using app.js. The finishes the
javascript portion of issue #4.
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar 148b5b602a Restructure javascript directory, update zepto.js and jquery.js 11 years ago
Andrew Senetar 1e38b42edd Consolidate scss output, clean up and restructure sass directory.
Changes output to only one stylesheet, removes uneeded files, renames
and trims font files, creates utility script to convert from fontello css file to sass
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar 07c831d0ae Compiled StyleSheets Plus Fonts
Initial stylesheets and Icon fonts for the site.  Icon fonts will be
trimmed using fontello later to reduce file size.  Stylesheets will be
compressed at version 0.1.0.
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar 068ad9ec39 Current Sass Files
The Current Sass / scss development files.
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar af956c82be Add vendor JavaScript
Adds the vendor javascript for foundation 4, zepto.js, jquery, and
modernizer.  foundation scripts to be compressed after finalized.
11 years ago
Andrew Senetar d1087733af Initial Commit
Adds .gitattributes, .gitignore, and README.md as well as
static\config.rb which is the compass configuration file for the sass
(scss) style-sheets.  The README.md is an initial version.
11 years ago