17 Commits (master)

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  Andrew Senetar 95ccbad92b
Fix #760, issue with language on windows 3 months ago
  Andrew Senetar ee2671a5f3
More Test and Flake8 Cleanup 9 months ago
  Andrew Senetar 7ba8aa3514
Format files with black 1 year ago
  Andrew Senetar 8cd0ef4c2b Initial Update of Windows Packaging (#438) 3 years ago
  Jocelyn Le Sage 84011fb46d Handle OS termination signals. (#425) 3 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 245ed0ddec Remove cocoa 4 years ago
  Virgil Dupras d4919054f9 qt: move qt.base units into qt root package 4 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 9a25670552 qt: merge se.app into base.app 4 years ago
  Virgil Dupras ad45a6e16e Adapt build/package scripts to single-edition 4 years ago
  Virgil Dupras e7076bc3bd Change license from BSD to GPLv3 6 years ago
  Virgil Dupras fc16ea8c49 Change copyright year to 2015 6 years ago
  Virgil Dupras ca709a60cf Updated copyright year to 2014 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 4c7c279dd2 Avoid crashes on quit under Windows 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 10d1363334 Changed the error report so it brings the user to Github directly 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 01403a3f92 Removed fairware 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 664d630b96 Fixed occasional core dumps on exit 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras a4256d3d2b First Qt5 conversion commit 7 years ago
  Virgil Dupras aa3cf9700d Changed the shebang line to #!/usr/bin/python3 under Qt. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 4a8ce9b6c4 Updated copyright year to 2013. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras a4003b6072 Removed fairware dialogs under Linux. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras ab6e0945a7 Added the 'ubuntu-store' configuration option to build a package that is already registered for the Ubuntu Store. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 8ac035c8a9 Moved run templates from root folder to cocoa/qt subfolders. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras c321427a8f [#206 state:fixed] Moved stdout wrapping under cxfreeze sooner at startup. 8 years ago
  Virgil Dupras d0bfa2a6ca Converted dupeguru to the new automated QVariant conversion protocol introduced in PyQt (which is the default protocol when running under python 3). 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 657f6743c2 Changed copyright year to 2012 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras b4815d91c7 Fixed debian packaging and locale folder under linux. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 28e5924633 Fixed help paths under a windows frozen environment. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 66303a2076 Fixed help.locale path references under Qt and fixed packaging to include the locale folder. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 88a613268d Removed .ts localizations, they aren't needed anymore. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras d80a56db78 Started moving towards a gettext-based localization. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 27cecb0dbc Change shebang line in run_qt template. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 1fafe04f19 Use the new hscommon.plat unit. 9 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 0fea59007c Updated copyright year to 2011. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 70e4e6f5af Depend specifically on python 3.1 in deb packages instead of depending on python3 because PyQt modules are not binary compatiable with python 3.2 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 2c127adf59 [#32] Internationalized the qt layer and localized it to French. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 99daf5b7b7 Added core translation to qt. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 0382ad1534 Adapted to the job-related code moving to the 'jobprogress' package. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras fc613fb325 Fixed Qt packaging under Windows. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 4517bea664 Moved the start.py file directly in qt run template instead of using this subprocess thingy. Much easier for packaging. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 562123b219 Fixed qt run template so that the current environment is sent to the new python process. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras b217309618 Replaced the use of runpy for running Qt by a simple subprocess call. runpy would cause weird QTimer warnings. 10 years ago
  Virgil Dupras 31555aa473 Rather than having a run.py file that checks build config at runtime, this file is generated at build time, making it easier to package it. 10 years ago