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VoltaicIdeas is the personal blog of Andrew Senetar.


The contents of this blog cover topics such as electrical projects, python, and reviews. These topics are resultant from personal hobbies and projects of the author. The electrical projects consist of things such as motor controllers, battery management systems, and audio amplifiers. The python articles are targeted mainly at web development using python with frameworks such as flask and tornado. The reviews cover different products mainly in the technology area such as computer components and electronic devices.

The Author

Andrew Senetar is an undergraduate engineering student at Purdue University studying Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with a focus on power systems. While at Purdue, he has participated on an Evgradprix team for three years through Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Chapter and been in charge of maintaining the information systems of Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Chapter for two years. During 2012, he worked on a custom motor controller for the Evgradprix entry which was built from the ground up utilizing IGBT's. In 2013, he has started work on a custom battery management and balancing system for the Evgradprix entry as well.

He is interested in power generation and distribution on both a grid scale and within self contained environments ( vehicles etc ). With a focus on how to use existing technologies to solve the current problems faced in power generation and distribution.