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Send2Trash -- Send files to trash on all platforms

Send2Trash is a small package that sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin) *natively* and on
*all platforms*. On OS X, it uses native ``FSMoveObjectToTrashSync`` Cocoa calls, on Windows, it
uses native (and ugly) ``SHFileOperation`` win32 calls. On other platforms, if `PyGObject`_ and
`GIO`_ are available, it will use this.  Otherwise, it will fallback to its own implementation
of the `trash specifications from`_.

``ctypes`` is used to access native libraries, so no compilation is necessary.

Send2Trash supports Python 2.7 and up (Python 3 is supported).


You can download it with pip::

    pip install Send2Trash

or you can download the source from and install it with::

    >>> python install


>>> from send2trash import send2trash
>>> send2trash('some_file')

When there's a problem ``OSError`` is raised.

.. _PyGObject:
.. _GIO:
.. _trash specifications from