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# Sample implementation of IFileOperationProgressSink that just prints
# some basic info
import pythoncom
from import shell, shellcon
from win32com.server.policy import DesignatedWrapPolicy
class FileOperationProgressSink(DesignatedWrapPolicy):
_com_interfaces_ = [shell.IID_IFileOperationProgressSink]
_public_methods_ = [
def __init__(self):
self.newItem = None
def PreDeleteItem(self, flags, item):
# Can detect cases where to stop via flags and condition below, however the operation
# does not actual stop, we can resort to raising an exception as that does stop things
# but that may need some additional considerations before implementing.
return 0 if flags & shellcon.TSF_DELETE_RECYCLE_IF_POSSIBLE else 0x80004005 # S_OK, or E_FAIL
def PostDeleteItem(self, flags, item, hr_delete, newly_created):
if newly_created:
self.newItem = newly_created.GetDisplayName(shellcon.SHGDN_FORPARSING)
def create_sink():
return pythoncom.WrapObject(FileOperationProgressSink(), shell.IID_IFileOperationProgressSink)