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Andrew Senetar 356509120b
Add some checks to catch test failure
Really just checking that the setup is able to create test files so it
is known they were there then removed.
Windows tests really need verification of
recycle, which is not present.
2021-03-17 20:52:16 -05:00
Andrew Senetar dbdcce8b04
First batch of updates to unit tests
- Remove content from
- Change test_script_main to use pytest
- Update test_script_main to run on windows as well as linux
2021-03-02 00:26:29 -06:00
Matthew D. Scholefield 9ede898c3e
Create (Fixes #15) (#38)
This adds a main method that mimics the behavior of `rm`. It can be called via `python -m send2trash somefile`.
2020-05-27 07:52:00 -04:00