Add fallback to HOMETRASH on plat_other

In the case where os.path.ismount() does not detect a mount and os.rename errors
fallback to HOMETRASH.  This covers several situations where continuing with
the identified trash location is incorrect due to complex mounts.

Close #26, #41, #63.
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Andrew Senetar 2021-08-20 22:30:51 -05:00
parent 62849fba0b
commit 5e4517aa53
Signed by: arsenetar
GPG Key ID: C63300DCE48AB2F1
1 changed files with 16 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ from __future__ import unicode_literals
import errno
import sys
import os
import shutil
import os.path as op
from datetime import datetime
import stat
@ -95,7 +96,7 @@ def check_create(dir):
os.makedirs(dir, 0o700)
def trash_move(src, dst, topdir=None):
def trash_move(src, dst, topdir=None, cross_dev=False):
filename = op.basename(src)
filespath = op.join(dst, FILES_DIR)
infopath = op.join(dst, INFO_DIR)
@ -112,14 +113,18 @@ def trash_move(src, dst, topdir=None):
with open(op.join(infopath, destname + INFO_SUFFIX), "w") as f:
f.write(info_for(src, topdir))
os.rename(src, op.join(filespath, destname))
destpath = op.join(filespath, destname)
if cross_dev:
shutil.move(src, destpath)
os.rename(src, destpath)
def find_mount_point(path):
# Even if something's wrong, "/" is a mount point, so the loop will exit.
# Use realpath in case it's a symlink
path = op.realpath(path) # Required to avoid infinite loop
while not op.ismount(path):
while not op.ismount(path): # Note ismount() does not always detect mounts
path = op.split(path)[0]
return path
@ -206,4 +211,11 @@ def send2trash(paths):
if trash_dev != path_dev:
raise OSError("Couldn't find mount point for %s" % path)
dest_trash = find_ext_volume_trash(topdir)
trash_move(path_b, dest_trash, topdir)
trash_move(path_b, dest_trash, topdir)
except OSError as error:
# Cross link errors default back to HOMETRASH
if error.errno == errno.EXDEV:
trash_move(path_b, HOMETRASH_B, XDG_DATA_HOME, cross_dev=True)