Added a setuptools-crappiness notice in the README.

Virgil Dupras 13 years ago
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@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ On Windows, you'll need Visual Studio 2008 to compile it. Note that the install
To have a cross-platform package you can ship around, you'll have compile the package on both platforms and merge the results so that both compiled modules are in the same package.
There's no package available on PyPI because packages produced by setuptools/distribute are all crappy (god I hate packaging). That's, I think, because I look at ``sys.platform`` to determine which of the extension module (if any) has to be built. However, when I create a ``sdist``, only the module of the platform I build it on is included in the source package. I don't know how to go around that and configuring that ``setup()`` function is hell. Just download the source from the repo.