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@ -12,6 +12,28 @@ of the `trash specifications from`_.
Send2Trash supports Python 2.7 and up (Python 3 is supported).
Status: Maintainer needed
I haven't had access to a Windows or MacOS environment for years now. I don't
care for those platforms as much as I used to. I also don't use this library
any more.
This is the most popular library I've authored and many people and projects
rely on it. I don't intend on letting it go broken. I am, however, wanting to
get rid of its maintainership burden.
It's not a big burden, but without access to Windows or MacOS, it can make
reviewing PRs a but tricky: I have to blind-merge them. That makes me a rather
bad maintainer for this library. So, for the good of the project, it should be
someone else.
However, being a relatively popular library makes this task a little tricky.
As we've seen in the NPM world recently, it has security implications.
Therefore, I don't intend on passing this to anyone. If you have some clout or
if I can otherwise have confidence that you'll handle the library responsibly,
then please contact me and I'll gladly pass this on.