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Windows legacy: fix handling of UNC names
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@ -51,18 +51,53 @@ FOF_ALLOWUNDO = 64
def prefix_and_path(path):
r"""Guess the long-path prefix based on the kind of *path*.
Local paths (C:\folder\file.ext) and UNC names (\\server\folder\file.ext)
are handled.
Return a tuple of the long-path prefix and the prefixed path.
prefix, long_path = "\\\\?\\", path
if not path.startswith(prefix):
if path.startswith("\\\\"):
# Likely a UNC name
prefix = "\\\\?\\UNC"
long_path = prefix + path[1:]
# Likely a local path
long_path = prefix + path
elif path.startswith(prefix + "UNC\\"):
# UNC name with long-path prefix
prefix = "\\\\?\\UNC"
return prefix, long_path
def get_awaited_path_from_prefix(prefix, path):
"""Guess the correct path to pass to the SHFileOperationW() call.
The long-path prefix must be removed, so we should take care of
different long-path prefixes.
if prefix == "\\\\?\\UNC":
# We need to prepend a backslash for UNC names, as it was removed
# in prefix_and_path().
return "\\" + path[len(prefix) :]
return path[len(prefix) :]
def get_short_path_name(long_name):
if not long_name.startswith("\\\\?\\"):
long_name = "\\\\?\\" + long_name
buf_size = GetShortPathNameW(long_name, None, 0)
prefix, long_path = prefix_and_path(long_name)
buf_size = GetShortPathNameW(long_path, None, 0)
# FIX:
# If buffer size is zero, an error has occurred.
if not buf_size:
err_no = GetLastError()
raise WindowsError(err_no, FormatError(err_no), long_name[4:])
raise WindowsError(err_no, FormatError(err_no), long_path)
output = create_unicode_buffer(buf_size)
GetShortPathNameW(long_name, output, buf_size)
return output.value[4:] # Remove '\\?\' for SHFileOperationW
GetShortPathNameW(long_path, output, buf_size)
return get_awaited_path_from_prefix(prefix, output.value)
def send2trash(paths):