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2010-04-07 01:52:24 -05:00
# Copyright 2010 Hardcoded Software (
# This software is licensed under the "BSD" License as described in the "LICENSE" file,
# which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at
import sys
import os
import os.path as op
import logging
for candidate in CANDIDATES:
candidate_path = op.expanduser(candidate)
if op.exists(candidate_path):
TRASH_PATH = candidate_path
logging.warning("Can't find path for Trash")
TRASH_PATH = op.expanduser('~/.Trash')
def find_mount_point(path):
# Even if something's wrong, "/" is a mount point, so the loop will exit.
path = op.abspath(path) # Required to avoid infinite loop
while not op.ismount(path):
path = op.split(path)[0]
return path
def find_ext_volume_trash(volume_root):
for candidate in EXTERNAL_CANDIDATES:
candidate_path = op.join(volume_root, candidate)
if op.exists(candidate_path):
return candidate_path
# Something's wrong here. Screw that, just create a .Trash folder
trash_path = op.join(volume_root, '.Trash')
return trash_path
def move_without_conflict(src, dst):
filename = op.basename(src)
destpath = op.join(dst, filename)
counter = 0
while op.exists(destpath):
counter += 1
base_name, ext = op.splitext(filename)
new_filename = '{0} {1}{2}'.format(base_name, counter, ext)
destpath = op.join(dst, new_filename)
os.rename(src, destpath)
def send2trash(path):
if not isinstance(path, str):
path = str(path, sys.getfilesystemencoding())
move_without_conflict(path, TRASH_PATH)
except OSError:
# We're probably on an external volume
mount_point = find_mount_point(path)
dest_trash = find_ext_volume_trash(mount_point)
move_without_conflict(path, dest_trash)