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Andrew Senetar 36a9cee676 Update article url to be full url 2013-11-09 16:51:19 -05:00
Andrew Senetar f5431e30a0 Fix typos in templates, regenerate css 2013-11-09 16:30:58 -05:00
Andrew Senetar eca067ae67 Update templates
Update the templates to remove the excessive itemprop tags as it really
is not a good idea.  Cleanup a few minor things.
2013-11-09 15:57:26 -05:00
Andrew Senetar 40727dd042 Fix typo in base.html 2013-07-30 15:30:09 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 42f8de158e Add article template files which now fully render
The article templates now provide for a full article with all the
template data. This completes and closes issue #1.
2013-07-30 15:02:19 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 0d53dc55d4 Update templates to include microformat support
The templates now include microformatting from
The title and content_title blocks are no longer in most templates.
This updates the progess on issue #1
2013-07-30 14:58:58 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 9f22128702 Update base template
Base template now figures out the page title property & heading title.
This allows the title block to be not be used in sub templates.

The feed and navigation sections of the base template are now in seperate
files to make it easier to navigate the source.
2013-07-30 14:48:42 -04:00
Andrew Senetar b7efae362c Initial release version of templates
The templates in this commit are now in RC form.
Everything but the article templates are ready.

Changes include ( no limited to ):
- Update stylesheet
- Add method in app.js to handle images in documents
- Create _author_item.html to display author information and vcard
- Update _disqus.html to fit in with site style
- Update _page_footer.html for translation support
- Add _pagination.html for pagination support
- Add _translations.html for translation listing support
- Minor updates to archives.html, tags.html
- Update base.html to have more flexibility
- Update authors.html and author.html to display information
- Update category.html and categories.html to use the _list_item.html
- Update page translation support + misc
- Update tag.html to use _list_item.html
2013-07-29 16:09:35 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 7df1c88d8c Update templates
The following updates are made:
- index.html now lists the site description along with X articles
- _list_item.html universalizes code for iterating over the articles
- _site_social.html is merged into base.html
- _google_search.html is added for custom search support
- _gosquared.html, _google_analytics.html have minor formatting changes
- archives.html displays a one page list of all articles
- period_archives.html is removed as it is not planned for implementation atm
- tags.html general clean up and tweaks
- base.html now has
  - full rss/atom feed support
  - disqus comment count support on links (not used yet)
  - blog links in aside
  - search in aside
2013-07-29 05:58:17 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 725cb8893f Update stylesheet and templates
Stylesheets update includes:
- Changing pygments class to default .codehilite
- Introduction of styles for new template components
- changing to a 16 column layout ( might revert back to 12 )
- reducing column gutter
Template work includes:
- removing extra ul from site_social
- adding creative commons handling to page_footer
- creating tags to display all tags with article counts
- adding the blogroll to base in aside
- starting work on tag
2013-07-28 05:43:18 -04:00
Andrew Senetar a584c9b380 Update all main template files
This is a major update to template files as now most have actual content.
2013-07-14 00:58:23 -04:00
Andrew Senetar f2cc7ba260 Move utility templates to prefix '_', add footer utility templates.
Utility templates moved to have '_' prefix similar to how sass files are.
Aditional templates for article and page footer contents now used to load
comments etc.
2013-07-14 00:55:29 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 22037d5fa5 Initial Templates
Adds Initial base template and article templates along with the
analytics templates and Disqus comments template. Additional template
files created with just extends base to act as reminders to finish.
2013-05-27 22:15:01 -04:00