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To know who contributed to dupeGuru, you can look at the commit log, but not all contributions
result in a commit. This file lists contributors who don't necessarily appear in the commit log.
* Jason Cho, Exchange icon
* schollidesign (https://findicons.com/pack/1035/human_o2), Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Zoom-best-fit, Zoom-original icons
* Jérôme Cantin, Main icon
* Gregor Tätzner, German localization
* Frank Weber, German localization
* Eric Dee, Chinese localization
* Aleš Nehyba, Czech localization
* Paolo Rossi, Italian localization
* Hrant Ohanyan, Armenian localization
* Igor Pavlov, Russian localization
* Kyrill Detinov, Russian localization
* Yuri Petrashko, Ukrainian localization
* Nickolas Pohilets, Ukrainian localization
* Victor Figueiredo, Brazilian localization
* Phan Anh, Vietnamese localization
* Gabriel Koutilellis, Greek localization