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Copyright 2015 Hardcoded Software (
This software is licensed under the "GPLv3" License as described in the "LICENSE" file,
which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <Quartz/Quartz.h>
#import "HSTable.h"
#import "PyResultTable.h"
@interface ResultTable : HSTable <QLPreviewPanelDataSource, QLPreviewPanelDelegate>
- (id)initWithPyRef:(PyObject *)aPyRef view:(NSTableView *)aTableView;
- (PyResultTable *)model;
- (BOOL)powerMarkerMode;
- (void)setPowerMarkerMode:(BOOL)aPowerMarkerMode;
- (BOOL)deltaValuesMode;
- (void)setDeltaValuesMode:(BOOL)aDeltaValuesMode;