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Copyright 2017 Virgil Dupras
This software is licensed under the "GPLv3" License as described in the "LICENSE" file,
which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <Python.h>
#import "PyDetailsPanel.h"
@interface DetailsPanel : NSWindowController <NSTableViewDataSource>
IBOutlet NSTableView *detailsTable;
PyDetailsPanel *model;
@property (readwrite, retain) NSTableView *detailsTable;
- (id)initWithPyRef:(PyObject *)aPyRef;
- (PyDetailsPanel *)model;
- (NSString *)getWindowNibName;
- (BOOL)isVisible;
- (void)toggleVisibility;
/* Python --> Cocoa */
- (void)refresh;