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2017-03-11 19:18:27 -06:00
PYTHON ?= python3
all : | env build
@echo "Build complete! You can run dupeGuru with 'make run'"
# If you're installing into a path that is not going to be the final path prefix (such as a
# sandbox), set DESTDIR to that path.
# Our build scripts are not very "make like" yet and perform their task in a bundle. For now, we
# use one of each file to act as a representative, a target, of these groups.
submodules_target = hscommon/__init__.py
reqs :
@ret=`${PYTHON} -c "import sys; print(int(sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, ${REQ_MINOR_VERSION})))"`; \
if [ $${ret} -ne 1 ]; then \
echo "Python 3.${REQ_MINOR_VERSION}+ required. Aborting."; \
exit 1; \
@${PYTHON} -m venv -h > /dev/null || \
echo "Creation of our virtualenv failed. Something's wrong with your python install."
# Ensure that submodules are initialized
$(submodules_target) :
git submodule init
git submodule update
env : | $(submodules_target) reqs
@echo "Creating our virtualenv"
${PYTHON} -m venv env
./env/bin/python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
./env/bin/python build.py
2017-03-11 19:44:18 -06:00
./env/bin/python run.py
.PHONY : reqs build run all