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Andrew Senetar 03dc1a7a11 Update Site Style
Update the site style and layout, to a more optimized and simple setup.
This new layout uses less css and js and should provide a better UX.
Still need to clean up a few things but ready for release.
2015-07-25 16:44:04 -05:00
Andrew Senetar 44a02080a0 Convert Assets
Assets have been converted as follows:
- Change to gulp instead of grunt for build system
- Remove bower and manage with npm instead
- Change to postcss instead of sass
- Change to Pure.css instead of foundation (lighter weight)
- Update Icon Font
- Initial rework of site styling (layout will be committed with updated
  style later)
- Removed extra js which was not really needed
- Built js and css will be in the assets/dist directory

This really should have been probably 20 commits with a rebase or
2015-06-09 22:28:50 -05:00
Andrew Senetar b6566012a8 Update stylesheet CSS 2014-07-15 19:17:51 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 8b6d24348d Update Table Positioning
Update scss, still need to generate new css
2014-07-15 19:10:39 -04:00
Andrew Senetar 6a98a82306 Update Stylesheet for Images
Limit images to 800x800 to avoid need to scroll images.
Center the images as well.
2014-07-15 16:04:17 -04:00
Andrew Senetar d2fcf71162 Update blog style templates and configuration. 2014-01-07 18:36:14 -05:00
Andrew Senetar 6456e29a7b Fix css not added
Fix css was being ignored via .gitignore
2014-01-02 00:53:33 -05:00
Andrew Senetar eba3262d55 Update to Initial Skeleton for Jekyll
Update a bunch of files to get ready for Jekyll.
2014-01-02 00:49:38 -05:00
Andrew Senetar 6f41a9f87a Start Migration to Jekyll
Migrating blog to Jekyll to make things easier in the log run.
2014-01-01 02:45:28 -05:00